fashionably elegant

haute mama

/ōt/ /ˈmämə/


someone who is elegant, poised, and seemingly appears to have her shit together 24/7. She is dedicated to her family but hasn’t lost herself in the process.




someone’s mother


Haute Mama is not just a book; it is a brand.
It represents a unique lifestyle that redefines motherhood & defies mommy norms

About the Book


Having not found any relevant or impactful books on parenting when she first became pregnant, Collins decided to take her personal experiences and put them to use in a modern day no-nonsense guide on balancing motherhood, love, a career, health and happiness with style and grace. The book is entitled Haute Mama and represents the modern, globalized, power house mamas who are doing it all and making it look effortless and chic. The book has a good balance of realism and optimism with a splash of humor.

Haute Mama is a book that appeals to all types of mothers, fathers, and soon-to-be parents. It targets organic moms, fancy moms, career moms, fit moms, military moms, career moms, fashionable moms, and moms that are simply trying to stay afloat and make it work. It also provides great insight for significant others struggling to adjust to parenting life. The book is intended to be used as a quick and condensed resource guide on how to operate your new baby and balance it all with elegance. This book raises the bar, fills the gap, and leaps over any similar books in this genre.

About the Author


Zeina J. Collins is a mother, wife, attorney, former model and beauty queen, business owner, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and a fashion lover.

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